This weekend it was full of competitions and our runners were in some of them. All Sunkaa’s athletes fight until the end and had different results.
Daniel Andujar was at the International Madrid Meeting, he did the 800m, and he was wearing his Emana yellow socks. He did not have good feeelings, but was fighting until the finish line.
Francisco Perez run the Marina Trail in 12km distance, finally he had third place, very near from the second place. He continues training with his compression calf and arm sleeves for the season’s objectives.
Alba Beltra was at the FEMECV league, in Ontinyent. She wore her Sunkaa full compression socks, finishing in the top ten. FEMECV league has just started and we are sure Alba will be in the top three many times!
Our other Sunkaa’s girl, Elia Fuentes was in Valencia running the 15k Valencia, where 6000 runners were at the start line. Elia finished in third place getting a great time.