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Emana fabric

Emana® is a revolutionary development from Solvay, a technological breakthrough in the textile field, that makes possible the creation of bioactive apparels able to promote a ...

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Dryarn Fabric

More breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool and lighter than any other fibre. Dryarn is the perfect partner for athletes who subject their bodies to stress, pro...

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Coolmax Fabric

COOLMAX® FabricCOOLMAX® fabric helps keep your body cool, dry and comfortable enabling you to focus on improving your personal performance....

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Polyamide Fabric

Characteristics and FeaturesPolyamide is light-weight, but at the same time, a strong fabric. The fibers that are used to make it are smooth and non-absorbent meanin...

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¿Why compression garments?

What is Compression Technology?Let’s level set first. Compression technology has been shown to improve an athlete’s performance before, during and after work...

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The answer is very simple, Sunkaa Sport offers you a wide range of the most technical garments for sports. We make our products taking care of all details, using the most technical...

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