¿Why compression garments?

What is Compression Technology?

Let’s level set first. Compression technology has been shown to improve an athlete’s performance before, during and after workouts. How that’s done is through improved blood circulation to the heart and lymph nodes. This kind of circulation prevents blood clots and swelling in parts of the body like the ankles.  The trend of compression gear is still popular as others swear by it, but some experts aren’t so sure the technology delivers the benefits promised – more on this later.

Compression Apparel and Its Impact on Running

Runners use what’s called graduated compression apparel because of the positive pressure it supplies back to the heart. The other impact is that blood vessels are squeezed bringing more blood and oxygen to the muscle that’s under compression. The intended effect of this pressure is to run faster and improve performance. If you’re wearing compression socks, you’re anticipating increase blood flow between the ankle and knee. The idea is that compression reduces muscle fatigue allowing for better performance.

Reduced Soreness

With improved performance due to better blood circulation, what happens after you’re done running? A benefit is reduced soreness. When you run, your foot strikes the ground creating vibrations through your muscles that are working. This vibration damages the muscle creating post-run soreness. Compression apparel secures the muscles used and prevents soreness from happening.